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Zulu Nyala Game Park is located in the northeast corner of South Africa, situated along the La Bamba mountain range that runs north/ south along the eastern side of the continent. Zulu Nyala is a small park, only two square miles, so the animal encounters are intimate. The lodge is beautiful and quite comfortable, and the safari "tents" are situated along the outer rim of the complex, so monkeys, zebras, gazelles, and other animals can be found right outside your door, or even on your veranda.

Each day, two game drives are offered through the park, and encounters with southern giraffes, african elephants, water buffalo, white rhinos, wildebeasts, gazelles, nyala, crocodiles, wart hogs, a wide variety of birds, hippos, and cheetahs can be spotted in this lovely park. In late afternoon, the elephants can often be spotted cavorting and cooling off in one of the ponds, very entertaining for guests.

The views from the hill tops are truly expansive, without the encroachment of man that most visitors take for granted back at home. Trees that thrive here are fast growing, that can quickly regrow after being food for elephants and giraffes.

Nearby Mozambique is quite primitive, and an excellent SCUBA destination, with plenty of large pelagics to be seen - whale sharks, manta rays, leopard sharks, as well as tiny, very colorful creatures like scorpionfish, leaffish, nudibranchs, and bright red starfish.

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welcome stone glass photos projects metal contacts