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Glass and Other Media

I enjoy creating something you can hold, something that may last for generations. Working in glass, stone, and metal compares and contrasts in fascinating ways, the fluid nature of hot glass, the unyielding quality of stone, the strength and flexibility of metal. Combining them can be a challenge, but the materials offer endless possibilities, the results rewarding and at times surprising.


Working in collaboration with such amazing glass artists as Josh Simpson and Joe Peters has pushed me into the realms of both outer and inner space.

Cosmic - Glass, Copper Wire, Volcanic Stone

Jim Rosenthal collaboration with Josh Simpson

Josh is mesmerized with the grandeur of space; the aurora, corona, and a realm of yet undiscovered worlds he has produced are the result of this fascination.

Cosmic is inspired by the vastness of the universe, by the curvature of space and time.

Jim Rosenthal MD _______ www.eyesandarts.com

welcome stone glass photos projects metal contacts