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Glass, Metal, and Stone

Each of these materials has the potential for great durability. Each has different properties and each needs to be worked in different ways. Combining these materials also presents challenges, utilyzing welding, brazing, or mechanical means. Different colors and textures can be juxtaposed to achieve fascinating effects, wonderful flights of abstraction.

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Collaborations with Sam Myers

Working together with another artist is an opportunity to explore common interests from different perspectives. We are both inspired by a love of the sea and its many diverse denizens. Sam likes her work to interact with the environment, to react as lighting changes through the course of the day. We both carefully choose our materials specifically for each piece, the type of stone or glass guides the creative process.

Celestial Dreams - a kinetic sculpture in steel, brass, copper, and glass.

More Mixed Media - Metals,

Jim Rosenthal MD _______ www.eyesandarts.com

Swan - Green onyx and cherry burl

welcome stone glass photos projects metal contacts More Mixed Media - Metals,