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Tidal Flow

Jim Rosenthal

to Surfgazer on her 40th birthday


I'm on the shore, you're in the sea

I'm watching you, You're watching me.

Perspectives change our point of view.

Time changes our perspective too.


I'm in the sun, you're in the blue

I'm growing old, you're still so new.

The view from below, the view from above,

A mother's world is filled with love.


The tiny hands and baby's feet

The warm caress when flippers meet.

The universal nature's call

From mom to child touches all, it touches all.

Life's rhythms flow along the way.

Though waves and ripples change each day.

The tides reveal their stately course

To Mother Earth which is our source.


Seasons come and seasons go

The ocean hides the sea below.

The stars above, the world between,

But truth is only rarely seen.

Whales see things both above and below

With echoes to guide it on which way to go.

But how do we know which way to choose?

Which paths will win, and which will lose?


And sometimes you wonder which way to turn.

Sometimes you teach. Sometimes you learn.

The view from the hump is equal both ways.

Your parents, your children, what wonderful days.

Like summer days, so long, so clear,

Seem not to end though evening's near.

But glorious days must give back the light

As Sol comes to rest 'neath the seas for the night.


The seas stretch out endless when life's course is new.

A long road behind us when days left are few.

But here in midcourse take a breath. Look around.

There's plenty of wonderful things to be found.


So please don't you worry.

Don't frown. Don't give up.

For though you go down you will also come up.

Yes though you go down you will also come up.

Jim Rosenthal MD _______ www.eyesandarts.com

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