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Trinity- a life sized goddess in pure white sivec marble. Three women - Sofia, Susan, and Rachel all exist within the confines of this pure white stone. One emerges - Trinity. 

2012 - My block of pure white Sivec marble weighing 2541 pounds is delivered. The model poses as I draw her image on the surface of the stone, as a guide for rough cutting away the excess. By the end of 2012 about 750 pounds of stone have been removed.

2013 - Several milestones occured. After working the stone in a horizontal position last year, I built a gantry crane and - with help - hoisted her to vertical. Then I posed Rachel and produced "cutouts" as a guide for major stone removal. Susan modeled to help finesse the final pose, and soon I was able to directly visualize the sculpture within the stone. By year's end about another 600-700 pounds of stone have been removed.

2014 - A long cold winter limited my progress on Trinity, but through the Spring I worked to close in on the final contours of Trinity's body, her face and drapery. Through the summer, I gradually worked my way around her body and drapes, sculpting out her right leg between the folds of her drapes. I also needed to create new works for my show at Westfield State University, but kept working on Trinity throughout. Finally, by late November, I had finished all the basic carving, the drapery, body, face and hair were done. Then, I transitioned to filing - fine tuning the curves and texture of her body and drapery, subtle but important honing of her face and neck. I am in the home stretch!

2015 - A very cold and snowy winter, but in my studio, with a space heater on, I persevered in the final sanding and detail work. Finally, on February 10, I inscribed her lower drapery, culminating almost three years of work and dedication.

TrinityfrontrightFeb2015forweb TrinitybackleftFeb2015forweb

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welcome stone glass photos projects poems contacts